T-Shirt Factory: Using the Built-In Photo Editor

The T-Shirt Factory is an easy-to-use application ideal for customizing your t-shirts with fantastic unique designs. Although it may seem difficult, t-shirt customization can be easily done. This software offers you everything you need to get the job done.

T-Shirt Factory comes with standard and special features, such as the three easy steps to create great t-shirt designs, a great variety of ready-made designs and graphics, a complete t-shirt creation kit, a custom photo t-shirt creation and a built-in photo editor. All these guarantee great results and great t-shirt designs.

Using Built-in Photo Editor Special Features

T-Shirt Factory comes with a special built-in photo editor, which allows you to customize photographs and create t-shirts in a very simple way. You don’t need to run a separate photo editor. You can use this special feature to perform both standard and advanced editing on your photos and images. Choose from multiple effects such as red-eye removal, photo focus, paint brush effects and many more. The T-Shirt Factory built-in photo editor is easy to use. Simply launch the program and load the photo you wish to edit. Right click it and select the photo editor option. From here on, you can choose the desired effect by simply clicking on the top tabs.

Using Built-in Photo Editor Standard Effects

The Adjust Color tab allows you to convert to Grayscale and adjust RGB colors such as Red, Blue and Green. You can also magnify the image to view results and compare the before and after effects with the help of the two small screen views. The Flaw Fixer tab allows you to remove dust and scratches using the Dust & Scratches option, reduce and fix red eyes with the help of Red-Eye Reduction button and clone portions of the image using the Clone tool.

The Focus & Tone tab is great for fixing photo focus, brightness and contrast. You can also compare results with the help of two small screens: Before/After and Zoom In/Zoom Out. The Image Layout tab allows you to crop the image using the crop section in different custom shapes such as squares, circles, triangles, heart shapes and many more. You can also rotate the cropped section clockwise or counterclockwise using the rotate box option and flip vertically or horizontally using the flip box option.

Using Built-in Photo Editor Special Effects

The T-Shirt Factory built-in photo editor also allows you to add paint effects and special effects. The Paint Tools tab holds different paint effects and options. You can click to select a new color, to make selections, to fill large areas, to paint with a brush, to draw with a pencil-like quality and even to erase images. You can also move around an image and sample a color from one. Last, but not least, the Special Effects tab allows you to add special photo effects such as: Dad’s Old Camera, Emboss, Grainy Paper, Photo Copier Color and B&W, Pixelate and many more.

The T-shirt Factory software does a great job and it is ideal for both beginners and professionals.