T-Shirt Factory: The 3 Step Process

T-Shirt Factory is an easy to use software program for designing t-shirts. All you have to do is follow the three step process: create it, print it and apply it. Then of course is the unspoken forth step: wear it. Making t-shirts have never been this simple before. And, the best part about t-shirt factory is that you can use it to design other things like hats, pendents, mouse pads and much more. 

Step 1: Create It

The t-shirt making process begins with creating the graphic on your computer. T-Shirt Factory Deluxe offers it's users over 28,000 Art Explosion clip art graphics that they can incorporate into their designs. The graphics are all included with the software and do not require any additional Internet downloading to obtain. 

You're not just limited to creating t-shirts with their graphics. You can also make custom ones from your personal photos. The program easily allows you to import them from your computer, CD ROM, digital camera or scanner. T-Shirt Factory also comes with it's own photo editor, so you can apply corrections to your photos like removing red eye, enhancing colors, and fixing flaws and scratches. You can also crop the photos into custom shapes as well. You can even add some basic special effects to your photos too.

Step 2: Print It

Once you are satisfied with the t-shirt that you have designed, it is time to print it. T-Shirt Factory recommends that you use PerfectPeel transfer paper for printing your graphics. These papers are 8.5" by 11", the same size as the paper you normally use in your printer. 

T-Shirt Factory offers a satisfaction guarantee on the t-shirts the program makes. If you are unhappy with the shirt you have made, they will replace it. But, this offer is only valid if you use PerfectPeel transfer paper. Another important thing to note about this guarantee: if you used a Fruit of the Loom shirt, they will reimburse that as well. 

Step 3: Apply It

Once your t-shirt's graphic has been printed, it's time to apply it to the shirt. Place the PerfectPeel paper face down on the shirt and go over it with a hot iron. This will join the shirt with the graphic. Once they are stuck together, you can peel the transfer paper back to reveal your brand new t-shirt. 

Other Uses

T-Shirt factory is no just limited it t-shirts. You can create graphics that can be placed onto any cloth items with the PerfectPeel paper. This includes hat, tote bags and mouse pads. The application process to these clothes is the same as the t-shirts.