T-Shirt Factory: Picking a Ready Made Design

T-Shirt Factory is one great art explosion application that offers the possibility to create easy and fast custom t-shirts. You can use the pre-made designs or even your own custom designs.

Step 1: Learning Special Features

T-Shirt Factory offers you a great variety of features. You can choose from over 6,000 pre-made designs and over 600 fonts, with over 28,000 color clips arts, images and photos in a two-CDs pack. It also includes Perfect Peel transfer paper for both light and dark t-shirts. Also, you can create different types of t-shirts, chair designs, visors, logo business shirts and more.

Step 2: Using T-Shirt Designs

Whether you choose from the pre-made t-shirt designs or decide to create your very own, T-shirt Factory is an easy-to-use software with great built-in photo editing tools. Start by selecting the pre-made design or use one of the 28,000 graphics to make your custom t-shirt. You can adjust the size of the design you wish to use, rotate it, and choose which side it will appear on.

You must choose a suitable design according to the t-shirt type. For example, choosing a dark pre-made design for a dark t-shirt is not such a good idea. Try to use contrasting colors. Dark colored designs go well on plain white t-shirts, while light colored designs are more suitable for dark t-shirts.

Step 3: Customizing Your T-shirt

T-shirt Factory software is great not only for t-shirts, but also for sweatshirts, tops, teddy bear shirts, team wear and many more. But, the main aim is to create unique, customized t-shirts. Customizing your t-shirt takes a few steps. First, you need to have the software installed. Launch it and open a new working sheet. Start browsing through the pre-made designs and select the one you wish to use. Even if you are not satisfied with them, you can always make your own, just as stated above.

Save your new created design and start editing and adjusting it to fit your t-shirt. Try to pick a medium size for your design. This way, it will look best on your t-shirt.

Step 4: Final Results

After you are done with the editing, cropping and adjusting, you can now save it and print it on the special transfer paper. Now all you need to do is to iron your creation onto your t-shirt material and peel away the transfer paper. Enjoy your final results with T-shirt Factory, and share them with your friends and family, colleagues or team mates.

System requirements

T-shirt Factory runs great on Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP service packs, Windows Vista and 7. It requires a CD-ROM drive and at least a PC platform of Pentium 166 Mhz. To create great results, use it with printers such as inkjet and laser printers.

T-shirt Factory is the best way to create beautiful customized T-shirts, using the help of this easy-to-use efficient program.