T-Shirt Factory: Creating Custom Photo T-Shirts

The T-Shirt Factory software package is the industry leader software in its own niche market and has been leading the pack for almost 5 years now. The T-Shirt Factory aims to provide a fast, efficient and hassle free way to enable you to design your own customized T-Shirts right at home.

It is intended to be a fun way of doing your own thing and rocking your creations at home, social gatherings and corporate events. The software package allows you to create a lot apart from t-shirts. The range covers it all - shorts, visors, customized photo t-shirts and business logo shirts.

The following tutorial describes how to create a customized photo t-shirt.

What You'll Need

  • T-Shirt Factory Software Package
  • PerfectPeel® transfer paper
  • color inkjet printer
  • iron

Step 1: Import Photographs

You will use the T-Shirt Factory Deluxe to import the photographs of your choice. These could be almost of any shape, size and resolution. Just bear in mind that the images should not be too small and low with their resolution, otherwise the enlargement and scaling process will mess up the pixels and design for sure.

It is advisable that you use vector-based images for this purpose. Vector-based images shave a specialized property that enables them to be magnified and scaled to any extent without getting their pixels up in a mess.

Step 2: Digital Retouching and Enhancement

As an optional step you can always digitally enhance your photographs before using them to produce customized photo t-shirts. The T-Shirt Factory Software Package allows you to do this without the need for any other external photo editor. The type of effects and options available in the photo editor range from color enhancement to fixing of physical flaws to red eye reduction and cropping options.

Additionally, you can use the enormous graphic library shipped with the software bundle. It provides you with a choice of 28,000+ graphics, 6,300+ ready-made designs and 600+ fonts to really launch into creative mode while finalizing your design selection.

Step 3: Finalize and Print Your Photographs

Once you are done with the digital enhancement and retouching of the pictures, all you need to do is throw in some PerfectPeel® transfer paper into an inkjet printer of your choice and print out the design as you had visualized it.

Step 4: Apply Photographs to T-Shirt

You will now use the print out along with a home iron to apply the photographic design on to a T-shirt of your choice. Please be careful while applying the photographic print because a slip up might result in minor burn injuries to your hand. The software package comes bundled with a complimentary Fruit of the Loom 100% Cotton Lofteez T-Shirt that is an adult size XL. It is recommended that you try out your creations on the complimentary shirt before actually moving on to personal clothing.

You should now be able to successfully create customized photo t-shirts using T-Shirt Factory software.