Surveillance Manager: Reasons to Buy

With the constant need to feel and be secure in the homestead, people are trusting the Surveillance Manager to perform better than other leading competitors. More people are convinced of this program’s usefulness, and the reasons below are often enough to persuade would-be buyers.

Initial Features

The Surveillance Manager’s powerful programming allows the live viewing of up to 60 cameras simultaneously. Despite the great number, there is no diminishing of quality for any of the videos, provided the cameras are all of equal make and care. The videos are crisp, following the motion of the subjects smoothly and in better detail than others. The user interface also allows selection of cameras with the help of a virtual map, which can be modified according to personal requirements.


The program is capable of sound playback and automatically reduces distortions made in the filming. Videos can be searched according to date, time and camera, so the long process of manual finding is eliminated conveniently. Viewing and playback can be done through multiple monitors, screens and computers. This means accounts with access to the program can view the cameras at their leisure without the need for access to the local server every time.