SuperVisionCam Video Surveillance Software: Reasons to Buy

SuperVisionCam is a shareware piece of video surveillance software that can be used to protect your home or office. This software makes it very easy to create a low cost security system without needing to buy very expensive cameras. Here are some reasons to buy this program:


SuperVisionCam can be used with any type of video camera. This means that you can use low cost web cameras or IP cameras without the need to buy very expensive dedicated security cameras.


The software works by taking photos at specified intervals. All of these photos will be compared to detect movement. Whenever movement is detected, it will then trigger the response that you have set up in the settings of the application.

Movement Activities

When movement is detected, there are a number of different things that you can make your computer do. These include sending an email, saving the image, sending a networked message, starting a program or playing a sound.


It's also possible to set the software up to capture still photos at specified times. These images can all be saved on your hard drive and reviewed at a later time.

Multiple Cameras

The software supports multiple web cameras at the same time. This makes it easy to cover large areas that a single camera cannot cover.