SuperVisionCam Video Surveillance Software: Features

The SupervisionCam is video surveillance software that you can use to transform the personal computer at your home into an active video surveillance mechanism. Here is a brief look into what the SupervisionCam software is all about.

About the SupervisionCam

The SupervisionCam is a very simple program that captures a lot of images from the source video camera, your Internet connection or just the computer screen at a space of duration that is specified by you. These images are then compared against each other for a change over a specified period of time. If a change is detected, then the SupervisionCam can be programmed to initiate a range of different activities. This essentially makes it a pretty simple and easy to setup motion detector that protects your house and computer.


The SupervisionCam can be programmed to set off a computer-based alert alarm on detecting any motion, and it may also be configured send off an alert message to any other computer on the network. This may be extended to sending off emergency email (with the images that set off the alarm) or simply initiate the minimization of active windows (for people who play games).

The SupervisionCam supports a wide variety of cameras and can handle many cameras simultaneously. There are also many more feature, such as the handling of multiple file formats, FTP uploads, multiple language support, creating HTML reports, saving system wide settings and creating protocols as XML and HTML documents.