SuperVisionCam Video Surveillance Software 101

SupervisionCam is video surveillance software which will convert your PC into monitoring and surveillance equipment. The image relayed by a video camera through the Internet or direct network is scrutinized by the software for movement, and when motion is detected it starts recording the footage.

Support and Compatibility

SurpervisionCam supports a variety of cameras which include analog cameras and video USB cams. The software also supports devices and capture boards like Fire wire, WDM drivers, TV board over Windows capture device, and surveillance cameras over a network which has an in-built web server. The software also supports multiple cameras being used at the same time.


Images are recorded to hard disk in JPG, PNG or BMP formats. The recording can be restricted if the storage space on your hard disk hits a particular critical level, and you can also set a limit to the quantity of images which can be saved to the server or disk.

Recording can be initiated by detection of dynamic or static motion, by the proper configuration. You can also perform a recording of a time lapse footage specifying the duration of the lapse in time. This is a very convenient feature to have for recording natural events like the blossoming of a flower and so on.

Controls and Alerts

The software enables you to control functions remotely and view the footage or image in a web browser. The HTML pages can be customized, allotting specific areas for events which are captured. You can also add a logo or information about every image. Captured images can be viewed in a fast viewer and also printed. All controls can be executed from a convenient taskbar.

Alerts can be sent via email which can have an attachment of the images which initiated the alarm. Messages can also be sent to the various computers which form the network.