Studio Scrap 101

With Studio Scrap, you can indulge in digital scrapbooking. This enables you to preserve your memories in an easy yet exciting manner. Here is what Studio Scrap offers.

What the Software Offers

Studio Scrap is digital scrapbooking software that gives you the liberty to create your own image collages with the photos available on your computer. You get to do this using the various features available on the software. There are also many elements that can enhance your collage, for example:

  • Modes that are predefined are available, yet you can modify them to suit you. There are over 400.
  • Wallpapers, sand and leather imitations are also available for your use as textures. There are over 340.
  • You can decorate with the help of over 220 embellishments.
  • There are over 1,000 photo shapes in their original form.
  • You can create your own stationary with the styled initials.
  • You can print out what you have created or just share it through e-mail.

System Specifications

For the software to be able to run smoothly and give you the desired scrapbooking output, there are some specifications that your computer must have:

  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows v7, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 2000
  • RAM: minimally 512MB
  • Hard disk space: for software-800MB, texture (optional) - minimally 1.2GB