Student Films Made Easy with Arsoft Showbiz DVD

ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD is excellent software that film students can use to create movies and films. This is powerful software that makes it easy to edit home videos and produce professional looking DVDs. The interface is simple enough that even beginners can use the features, and there are plenty of advanced features for more advanced users. It is no longer necessary to have professional equipment to produce professional quality movies.

Step 1: Import Files

ShowBiz uses a connect and go feature in which the video media is connected and the user can immediately start making edits in ShowBiz. Connect the digital camcorder, webcam or video capture card and import the files into the program. There is no need to change the format of the video file.

Step 2: Choose Preset Options

The software offers many different preset options for movies and occasions. There are themes, background designs, menus and more. Pick one that fits the video the best. Instead of choosing a preset option, the software can also be customized to anything the you want. Use your own pictures for the background and design menus yourself.

Step 3: Add Features

ArcSoft offers many different features. It comes with automatic scene detection, timelines for audio tracks and footage, text animations, transition effects, special effects, the ability to create slide shows from pictures, fast rendering and built in DVD authorization. Add movie introductions, ending credits, music and commentary to the film.

Step 4: Create Albums

ShowBiz can be used to edit video clips and it can be used for still images. Still images can be combined with movie clips or put into a slide show with other still images. In order to create any type of movie or show, it is necessary to create albums. These albums create paths to the actual files on the computer. Once the images and videos are loaded, they can be used to do anything.

Step 5: Edit

It is possible to change the global audio settings as well. All of this is done within timelines. It is possible to see all the different clips, transitions and tracks, and then edit each accordingly. Add text to the movie, trim video clips, change the duration of the clips and images, add special effects, add a soundtrack and more. Almost everything works by dragging and dropping the different clips and tools.

Step 6: Export Film

It is possible to export the created movie in several different formats. Before exporting the video, always save a copy to the hard drive. When creating the DVD it will be necessary to add chapters and menus. There are preset options and menus that can be used. Menus will have their own backgrounds and designs.

Step 7: DVD Authorization

The movie can easily be burned to disc so that anyone can enjoy the newly created film. These films can be burnt to disc or exported to media devices so they can be enjoyed almost anywhere. This software makes it easy to create and share your films.