Stoik: Using Color By Numbers

Color By Numbers from Stoik is software for converting digital photos into a pattern which is used for painting by numbers. This pattern needs to be printed and then can be given to kids for painting with crayons or a brush. The software also provides basic editing functions for your photos and support for scanners.

Simple Workflow

You need to open the photo file from your hard disk or you can access it from your camera or scanner from the program. You can then choose a crayon or paint palette. The software will then generate a pattern for painting by number, which is optimized for the palette you have chosen. Then, you can print the pattern as it is, or choose to print it with the color key.

Various Options

The generated pattern will have a maximum of 255 colors. You also have an option for "Use mixed colors" in the Colors dialogue box, which will increase the number of colors in your paint palette and will better match the shades of your original photo.

There is also the option of converting the colors in the selected palette to the best RGB colors that match. This again will give you a better reproduction of the original image.

The Shaded Palette has many shades of every color in the pure palette. This is used for better color representation of the image as you have many more colors as compared to the colors in the pure palette. This can even exceed the number of colors in the photo.