Stoik: 4 Color By Numbers Features

Stoik Color by Numbers is a unique application which can be used to convert your photographs into a color by numbers picture. This makes it extremely simple to turn your photos into an activity for children. It can also be used to create some unique and interesting results that look completely different to your original photo.

Stoik makes it simple to make color by numbers into a paint by numbers painting. This makes it possible to make your photos great fun.

1. Automatic Conversion

Stoik Color by numbers is very easy to use. This makes it possible to import your photo from any other source including digital image or by scanning it into your computer. The software will automatically convert the image into a paint by numbers outline.

2. Color Key

As well as converting the image it will also create a color key. The color key shows you which numbers relate to which color. This makes it simple to color in the paint by numbers picture.

3. Printing

The color by numbers page can be printed out from your computer and painted or colored using crayons or paintbrushes with paint.

4. Colors

Up to 255 colors can be included in each image. It's possible to restrict the number of different colors to simplify the design.