Starting up Genuine Fractals

Genuine Fractals (now known as Perfect Resize) by Onone software is a professional plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that can help you to create wall and poster sized prints of your photographs and other Photoshop creations. Generally, expansion of the size of an image leads to string interpolation, and it leads to the loss of quality and sharpness in an image. Hence, the resulting print may look out of focus. ‘Genuine fractals’ is a way around this. The following is a simple start up guide to genuine fractals.

Getting Stated

In order to use Genuine Fractals, you will need to open the target image inside Adobe Photoshop. You can also use it inside Lightroom or aperture. Once the image is open, you will navigate to the Onone menu in Photoshop and select genuine fractals. You can also do this by going to the file menu and selecting genuine fractals from the ‘automate’ sub menu. This will launch a genuine fractals interface and hide the current Photoshop window.

Changing Size

You will notice that on the left hand side, there are two dialog boxes for pixel dimensions and document size. These are the main focus elements. These show the pixel dimensions, the print size and the current resolution respectively. Simply enter the new pixel dimensions for the image or select a simple preset from the document size box. You can also crop the image according to the document size by dragging and moving the crop box handles.

Once you are satisfied with the results, you will simply press the apply button. This will close the genuine fractals screen and take you back to the host application. You will notice that the image has been resized.