Sport Photographers: Using Digital Darkroom's Assembly Edition

Sports photographers require specific photography equipment and software for their work. It’s hard enough to travel with their camera, wait for the perfect shot and look for a place to setup, but they also have to edit and sell these pictures. Here’s how the Digital Darkroom’s Assembly Edition can assist sports photographers:

Editing Features

Digital Darkroom Assembly Edition has the same editing capacity as the Digital Darkroom Pro. With direct capture capacities with wired and wireless setups, it has greenscreen capabilities without having to use other hardware or software and can create standard and personalized print packages and templates for your pictures.

Instant Connectivity Online

You garner the right to post on the Internet on free website portfolios and storefronts via Or, you can connect instantly with over 200 Labtricity Labs for print outsourcing and product fulfillment. This spells automatic promotions for your photos.

One Year Support and Training

Because the Digital Darkroom Assembly Edition is such a multi-featured workflow software solution exclusively made for photographers, the creators felt the need to create a one year support and training with a Jacksonville, Florida certified authorized trainer and partner of Digital Darkroom. With that alone, any sports photographer can make a mark for himself with the Digital Darkroom Assembly Edition.