Sonicfire Pro Express Track: Finding Royalty Free Music

The Sonicfire Pro 6 software application, developed by SmartSound Software Inc., is a music editing software that lets you search, edit royalty free music tracks and adjust them to the length, quality and volume level that you require in your project. One of Sonicfire Pro’s unique features is the Express Track, which allows you to easily search through its data base of online for music that you can change and modify to your needs.

Here's how to use the Express Track feature and determine how to find royalty free music.


Step 1: Search for Your Music

The Express Track in Sonicfire Pro lets you conduct a thorough search for the music you wish to use quickly and efficiently. The Keyword search feature lets you find all the tracks that meet your specification. You can also specify the style of the music you are looking for, whether it is Orchestral, Patriotic, Lounge or anything else. Additional features also let you look for music that resemble a particular music track or find other tracks that are faster, slower or vary in intensity to the music you have already searched through.

Step 2: Customize Your Music

Once you have chosen your track, the Express Track feature in Sonicfire Pro also lets you customize the length or mood by offering you a variety of arrangements that are possible with that one music track you have selected.

Step 3: Export Your Music

In addition, Sonicfire Pro’s Express Track also allows you to export the customized music track that you have selected in the form of a .WAV or .AIF file, which are supported by all popular music editing applications, to use in your project.