Snapfire Plus: Working with Photo Trays

Snapfire Plus is digital camera software offered by Corel. It allows for the editing of digital videos and photos. It also contains a photosafe backup system and the ability to create Snapfire shows. There are many different resource materials to help learn the software, as there is a user’s manual as well as an extensive help system. The photo tray is a function used to gather photos from different areas into one spot.


The purpose of the photo tray is to obtain photos from different files on the computer and camera into one spot. Once the photos have been added to a tray, they can be edited and then shared. It is possible to create several different photo trays, add photos to these trays, remove photos from the tray and rename any existing tray. Once photos have been added to a tray, additional edits can be done. This is one of the first steps to using the program.

Selecting Photos

Once the photo has been added to a tray, that photo can be selected and printed, shared, edited and used to create Snapfire shows. The easiest way to work with photos is to have them loaded into the photo tray. Most photos can simply be selected and then dragged and dropped into the storyboard or appropriate window.

Creating Collages, Greeting Cards & Calendars

To create a collage or Snapfire Show, create a photo tray that is to hold the pictures that will be used for the collage. This makes it easy to keep track of what is being used. A new photo tray means that you will not have to search through many other photos to find the one that you want. Simply drag the photos from the tray into the layout cells for the collage. Photos can also be selected and dragged into a greeting card layout. The same thing can be done for the preset calendar formats. Create a tray for the calendar, and then drag the photos into the appropriate months.

Photo Enhancements

There are many enhancements that are found within Snapfire Plus. It is possible to add cosmetic corrections, apply different effects, resize the photos, crop the photo, remove red eye, apply photo corrections, add text, straighten the photo and rotate the photo. The Photo doctor can be used to automatically scan the image and then apply any quick fix adjustments. This is found within the enhance mode. Some of the common photo corrections include decreasing or increasing warmth, brightening or making the photo darker, and adjusting the contrast and saturation. These options all function using sliders.

Ease of Use

This program was designed specifically for the average photographer so the interface is intuitive and simple. In a matter of minutes, you will know how to use the program. Besides the full version, it is possible to download a free version. Be aware that the free version is a scaled down version of the full Snapfire Plus. One of the elements that users particularly like is the zoom function, which makes it easy to view the photo thumbnails. It is also possible to find a photo using the search box.