Snapfire Plus: Using the Makeover Tool

The Makeover tool in Snapfire Plus allows you to apply cosmetic corrections to the subject(s) that appear in your photo. The cosmetic corrections that are available in the Makeover tool are Blemish Fixer, Toothbrush and Suntan. Blemish Fixer removes blemishes from the subject(s) in your photo, the Toothbrush whitens teeth and the Suntan corrector applies a suntan the subject(s).

1. Open Photos in Enhance Mode

The Makeover tool is only available in Snapfire Plus when photos are opened in Enhance mode. You can easily open any photo in Enhance mode in Snapfire Plus by double clicking on the photo.

2. Selecting the Makeover Tool

When you open a photo in Enhance mode in Snapfire Plus, a task panel will automatically appear in the screen. When the task panel appears, select the Makeover tool. You will then need to click on "Blemish Fixer," Toothbrush or Suntan.

3. Using the Makeover Tool

If you have selected the Blemish Fixer, you will need to adjust the Size slider in the task panel so that your mouse pointer is slightly larger than the blemish you are correcting. You will also need to adjust the Strength control. As you increase the value in the Strength control, you will be increasing the amount of source material that is applied to the blemish. Once you have adjusted the Size and Strength clicks, click on the blemish to apply the tool.

To use the Toothbrush, you will need to type a numeric value into the Strength control. The higher the value, the whiter the teeth of your subject will be. Once you have set the Strength control, click directly on the teeth of your subject.

The Suntan tool in the Makeover tool uses the Size control in the task panel. As you increase the value in the Size control, you will be increasing the darkness of the tan. To use the Makeover tool in Snapfire Plus to apply a tan, drag your mouse over the skin that needs to be tanned and release.