Snapfire Plus: Straightening Photos

You can straighten photos in Snapfire Plus in four easy steps. Depending on the angle that you took a picture at, it is possible that your picture will be crooked when viewing it in Snapfire Plus. Snapfire Plus straightens photos according to the horizontal or vertical line that you will create during this guideline.

1. Opening Enhance Mode

You will need to be viewing the picture that you need to straighten in Enhance mode in Snapfire Plus in order to straighten it. To view a picture in Enhance mode in Snapfire Plus, simply double click on the picture that needs to be straightened.

2. Using the Task Panel

You should notice that a task panel automatically opened when you entered Enhance mode in Snapfire Plus. To straighten a photo in Snapfire Plus, you will need to select "Straighten" from the task panel. When you select "Straighten," Snapfire Plus will automatically place a straightening bar on your photo.

3. Positioning the Straightening Bar

The straightening bar that Snapfire Plus placed on your photo will have two end handles. You will need to drag both ends of the handle so that the straightening bar is aligned with the section of your photo that needs to be straightened. The two end handles can be moved independently of one another.

4. Straightening Photos

Once you have positioned the straightening bar, you are ready to straighten your photo. To straighten photos in Snapfire Plus once the straightening bar has been positioned, click on the "Apply" button. Snapfire Plus will automatically straighten the photo according to the placement of the straightening bar.