Snapfire Plus: Removing Red Eye

In Snapfire Plus, you can remove red eye in four easy steps. Unfortunately, red eye is very common in pictures, especially if the subject is wearing glasses. In case you are wondering, the cause of red eye is the flash on a camera. If the flash reflects off of the subjects retina, the reflection is caught in the photograph.

1. Open the Photo in Enhance Mode

You will need to have your photo open in enhance mode in Snapfire Plus in order to remove red eye. You can open a photo in enhance mode in Snapfire Plus by double clicking on the photo that you need to remove the red eye from.

2. Task Panel

When a photo is opened in enhance mode in Snapfire Plus, a task panel will automatically appear. You will need to click Fix Red Eye in the task panel in order to remove red eye in Snapfire Plus.

3. Using the Size Control

The task panel will change when you click on Fix Red Eye. You should notice that there is a size control located in the task panel now. You will need to adjust the sliders that are located on the size control to remove red eye in Snapfire Plus. Your mouse pointer should be just a bit larger than the eye that you are removing red eye from.

4. Removing Red Eye

Once you have adjusted the size of your mouse pointer, you are ready to remove red eye in Snapfire Plus. You will now need to position your mouse over the red eye and click. Snapfire Plus will automatically remove the red eye from the subject's retina.