Snap Art: Getting Started

Snap Art includes a series of filters which can be used in Photoshop. These filters can be accessed by clicking the Filter menu and looking for the name of the product. The following are a few features which can be used with the filters.

Filters Included

The product comes with a series of filters which editors can test. These include Color Pencil, Comics, Impasto, Oil Paint, Pastel, Pen and Ink, Pencil Sketch, Pointillism, Stylized and Watercolor. Editors will get a better feel of the effect through experimentation.

Focus Regions

This feature is available with version 2 of the filter. It allows users to select areas of the image where greater detail shows through. With clicking the Add New Focus Region, a customizable shape appears which allows the user to select the location and size of the area to be included in the focus region. Multiple focus regions can also be created.

Brush Sizes, Paints and Canvas Types

The product gives a wide series of brushes, paints and canvas types to choose from. With larger brush strokes and more paint, the painting effect becomes more textured and the image more abstract. The type of canvas selected can also affect the texture of the final image. Users can choose to see more of the texture of the canvas or the paint and brush strokes.