Snagit 10: An Overview

Snagit is a very powerful screen capture tool which has many useful features. Unlike other similar screen capture software packages, this one has over 40 different ways to capture the screen.


Snagit can be used to capture pretty much anything which is displayed on your screen. This creates unique and interesting results which can be used to show how people can do things on their computer. The images can be captured straight off your screen. Rather than just pressing print screen, you can get much more control over the captured images.


There are many visual effects which can be applied to the SnagIt screen shots. These include transparency and callouts, among others. This creates an eye catching screen shot which looks very attractive.


There are many different uses for Snagit. It can be used to create unique pieces of art work, added to documents, or used to create how-to instructions which will show people how to do certain things on their computer.


Snagit is a very powerful application which works quickly and without any problems. There are thousands of different ways that it can speed up several tasks.

There are also spotlight and magnify features which make it possible to highlight a certain area of the screenshot. To use this, you simply need to select the portion that is important and the rest will be blurred so that it is not as important. Markup tools can be used to add various effects to the image. Arrows and text can be added over the top of the screenshot to draw attention to certain features.

Ease of Use

The software is very easy to use. There are a few different ways that you can take a screen grab. The easiest is to use the keyboard shortcuts which will trigger the software to record whatever is on the screen.

You can also select to capture a specific area of the screen, a single object, a shape, the full screen or only the active window. This makes it possible to ensure that only what you want to see is actually captured. This image will then be displayed and can be edited if you want. Various effects can be added before the image is saved.


When you have finished creating a screenshot, you can then share it in several different ways. You can save it in your desired format, or you can add it into a document. You can also send it through email or upload it to the Internet. The software also supports which makes it easy to share your screen grabs on the Internet.

Additional Features

There are also plenty of other features that many people will not actually find out about. However, many of these are worth experimenting with so you can make the most out of your screen capture images. Video capture can be used to create interesting screen casts of what you are doing on the computer. This makes it easy to create how-to videos.