SmileBox: Making Slideshows

SmileBox is an online service that lets you create greeting cards, invitations, scrapbooks, collages, photo albums and slideshows with your digital photos. The online interface is quick and easy to operate, and you can create a unique slideshow within minutes. Here are a few simple steps by which you can create your slideshow.

Step 1: Download the Application

Go the SmileBox website and download the application. Then, double click on the icon to initialize the exe file.

Step 2: Choose Your Photos and Slideshow Design

From the window that opens, choose your photos for creating the slideshow. On the screen, you will see various formats from which you need to pick one and then choose the appropriate occasion along with a design. You also have different buttons to add text and to add creative touches. You can then choose background music from your hard disk or from the SmileBox library for your slideshow.  

Step 3: Save and Share

You have various sharing and saving options for the slideshow you have just created. Click on the Share button and you will find four options. You can email your creation by clicking on the Send button. Clicking on the Post button will enable you to post your work on websites like Facebook and Twitter. The Print/Save button lets you print out your creation or lets you save it on a digital photo frame. The DVD button is for burning your slideshow on a DVD or recording it as a video.