Smartsound Quicktracks Highlights and Features

Smartsound Quicktracks is an auto-composing music plug-in for Adobe Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro. Smartsound Quicktracks allows you to add custom length music scores to the video that you are editing in Adobe Premiere. Smartsound Quicktracks has been available since the release of Adobe Premiere 6.0 and is available for download at no cost from Smartsound.

Infinite Search Maestro

When you download and install Smartsound Quicktracks, you will have access to the Smartsound Infinite Search Maestro. The Infinite Search Maestro allows you to search the entire Smartsound music library with ease. You can enter a specific intensity, style, keyword and/or instrument to quickly narrow down the music tracks that are available in the Smartsound music library.

Royalty Free Music

All of the music that is accessible through Smartsound Quicktracks is royalty free. That means that you can use the music in your video projects forever for free. Smartsound creates all of the music that is available in their music library on their own. Whether you are editing a video that you plan to enter in a film festival or air on television, the music is 100% free.

High Quality Music

The music that is available via Smartsound Quicktracks is not made with loop based solutions, which increases the quality of the music. None of the music scores that you can download from Smartsound Quicktracks are force-fit into MIDI or loop-based formats. You will love being able to add music to your video projects that was both composed and produced by music industry professionals.