Slideshow Software: A List of Proshow Style Pack 3 Styles

Slideshow software is great if you need to make a professional slide show with ease. Photodex makes a great slide show program called ProShow. As an add-on, you can purchase Proshow Style Pack 3 styles. This guideline will go over the 25 included styles.

Proshow Style Pack 3 Styles

  • Creative Contrast - a grayscale image shits into a color image with this style.
  • Drama Projection - this style features vignetted images.
  • Flip Switch - two images rapidly move into view with this style.
  • Dream Revolution - this style features a swirling image.
  • Old Rotary Viewer - individual images rotate into view with this style.
  • Figure & Ground - full screen images fade with this style.
  • Pale Prelude - this style features images on a light spread.
  • Flicker Frame - series of flickering images are shown with this style.
  • Cast Away - this style features slowly drifting images.
  • Manifest - an image appears on a photo print with this style.
  • Fast Times - this style features multiple images that blur across the screen.
  • Mirror Mask - images appear on a center portrait with this style.
  • Portrait Exposition - this style features a color portrait on a grayscale background.
  • Ripples of Grey - images appear in grayscale negative form with this style.
  • Rift & Reveal Montage - this style features tumbling images.
  • Sum of the Parts - fragmented images form a grayscale image with this style.
  • Striped Passage Montage - this style displays nine images in narrow windows.
  • Convergence - images scroll from top to bottom with this style.
  • Tilt Matrix - this style features nine images that tilt into view.
  • Lights & Letters - images are lighted by orbs of light with this style.
  • Aperture - this style features a camera aperture that opens to display an image.
  • Oscillations - four constantly changing images are displayed with this style.
  • Cascading Iterations - this images displays images that are cascaded into view.
  • Photo Mobile - three columns of images are displayed with this style.
  • Chroma Wash - this style features a grayscale image that appears on a black background.