Slideshow Software: A List of Proshow Style Pack 2 Styles

ProShow Producer is slideshow software that is made by Photodex. You can use ProShow Producer to create professional slide show presentations with ease. The Proshow Style Pack 2 comes with 25 styles that you can apply to your slide show in Photodex ProShow Producer.

Proshow Style Pack 2 Styles

  • Portraits Unfolding - this style features images that unfold into view.
  • Tilted Trio - three images slide into view together with this style.
  • Print Blend - two images appear and blend together with this style.
  • Scattered Density - this style features a single image that explodes into several images.
  • High Speed - images move at high speeds with motion blur with this style.
  • Clean and Polished - this style features a grayscale image.
  • Floating Pages - a photo album appears with images that fade into view with this style.
  • Pinwheel Quad - this style features four images that fly out at angles.
  • Portrait Drop - a single image drops into view with this style.
  • Extending Lineup - this styles featured outlined images that extend from side to side.
  • Soft Projection - a blurry image fades onto a white screen with this style.
  • Trio Swap - this style features three identical images that are overlapping.
  • Merge Madness - the same image appears in five columns and rows with this style.
  • Filmstrip Sequence - this style features film sprockets that scatter across a black and white image.
  • Dynamic Impression - a grayscale image that is rotating appears with this style.
  • Slot Machine - this style divides a series of images into three columns.
  • Blow Out Cascade - a single image snaps into view with this style.
  • Column Waves - this style pieces a slow moving image together.
  • Juxtapose - a color image is juxtaposed with a grayscale image in this style.
  • Title Picture Grid 1 - this style features a grayscale picture grid with color images.
  • Glowing Title Montage - a background image montage appears in this style.
  • Title Picture Grid 2 - this style materializes one picture at a time in a grid.
  • Old Film Projector - images zoom in with this style.
  • Sliding Segments - this style transforms images from grayscale to color.
  • Emanate - images emanate from the center of the screen with this style.