Slicing an Image in Xara Xtreme

In working with open source software, specifically for Linux, illustrators don’t look further than Xara Xtreme. A highly flexible image manipulation program for Unix operating systems, Xara Xtreme is a fast and feature-packed tool for illustrators and graphics artists. It has all the necessary features and add-ons that one would look for in an illustration tool, and it is a close contender to most popular graphic software on the market.

Xara Xtreme is easy to use and very flexible, and it provides a lot of options for image creation and manipulation. One such possibility is slicing images into several blocks. Here are the steps on how to do this in Xara Xtreme.

Step 1: Prepare Image for Slicing

On Xara Xtreme, open the image that you wish to slice into even blocks. Make sure the rulers are showing by clicking on Window, choose Bars, and choose Rulers from the dropdown menu. Lines should appear on your image. Click and drag these rulers to determine the slices that will be made on your image.

Step 2: Define the Slices

Simply press F3 and the 9 different slices or blocks will be determined on Xara Xtreme. Once you already have 9 different slices or parts, you will have to give a distinct name for each part. Click on one rectangle, and click on the Name Gallery tool. Here, you can rename the slice. Do the same with all your other slices.

Step 3: Export the Slices

Now, each slice is ready to be exported as a separate image file. Select Exports from the dropdown menu. Click on the arrow to select the file extension you wish to export. JPEG format is the most common. To finish, click Apply. Your image is now sliced into different image files.