Six Key Features of Photo Collector

There are 6 Key Features of Photo Collector that have made this photo editing software very effective and efficient in organizing digital photos. It is essentially a photograph organizer that has a number of very cool features including a properties editor, a photo editor and more. Here is a brief look at 6 Key Features of Photo Collector.

1. View, Search and Sort

Photo Collector lets you view a collection of your photos in different forms including as lists and thumbnails. You can also sort on one or multiple numbers of fields, and this photo editor can also automatically take your photographs and group them into folders. A quick search feature helps you to find photographs quickly and easily.

2. Photo Fields

Photo Collector supports different photograph fields including fields called Personal Note, Standard Photo, Image File, Main Photograph and Camera. This photo editing software also allows you to rename the field in a language of your choice.

3. View Images

Photo Collector also allows you to view images as thumbnails and according to timeline. In addition, it has a mode called Browse that allows you to rotate and flip photographs without loss of quality.

4. Editing Images

Photo Collector has strong editing features that let you edit image properties to suit your requirements. It even processes photographs in batches, and in this way ensures that you can edit multiple numbers of records at one time. You can also rotate, flip, remove red eyes, crop and rotate to correct camera tilt and adjust brightness and contrast.

5. Statistics

Photo Collector shows statistics in the form of graphical charts on a separate screen.

6. Print Photos

Photo Collector also prints photographs individually and can perform other printing tasks as well, such as printing contact sheets of all the photographs in your database.