Simulating Andy Warhol with Photoshop

Applying Andy Warhol Photoshop techniques to a photo can turn it into a very beautiful piece of art work. Andy Warhol is a very popular artist, and it's possible to make your photos look just as good as his art work if you know a few simple tips and tricks.

Applying these Andy Warhol filters to photos is very easy and will make them look completely different. In no more than a few clicks of the mouse, you should have a piece of art work worthy of being printed out.

Step 1: Loading the Image

First, you need to open your image in Photoshop by selecting File, Open and clicking on your file. If you don't already have a suitable image, then you can search for them on stock photo websites. It's also possible to scan in photos from another source if you prefer.

Step 2: Duplicating the Layer

Now it's time to duplicate the background layer of your photograph by selecting Layers, Duplicate Layer. This creates an exact copy of the image and places it on top of the other layer. This makes it possible to adjust the layer without affecting the original image underneath.

This layer should be renamed as Photo so that it's easy to remember and find when you need it.

Step 3: Creating a New Layer

Create a new layer with a white background by selecting Layers, New Layer. Once a new layer has been created, rename this Background, and drag it down below the photo layers.

Step 4: Isolating the Image

In order to create an Andy Warhol inspired image, you must first cut away the subjects of the image so that you can replace the background. There are a number of different ways of doing this; the easiest will be to use the pen tool to create a path which can cut out the image.

An easier option would be to simply use the eraser to rub out the background, however, this will take longer and will not be as professional.

Step 5: Formatting the Image

Desaturate the Image by choosing Image, Adjustments, Desaturate. Then, crop the image so that you are only left with interesting parts in your image. Adjust the brightness of the image so that it looks slightly more dramatic and is slightly darker.

Step 6: Cut out Filter

Use the cutout filter by selecting Filter, Artistic and Cutout. Change the number of levels to 4, Edge simplicity to 2, and Edge Fidelity to 2. Press Control and L to bring up the Levels adjustment panel; this will then make it possible to adjust your image so that it consists of three colors: Black, White and Gray.

Apply these results and then run the cutout filter again; this time increase the edge simplicity. This will require some experimentation to get the best results.

Step 7: New Background

Fill the background layer with a color of your choice to finish the Andy Warhol inspired photo. The image can then be flattened by merging all of the layers to prepare it for printing or uploading to the Internet.

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