SimpleViewer: An Overview

SimpleViewer is a free, customizable image gallery that allows you to display images on whichever web page you like, in an intuitive and professional manner. It is Flash based and offers support for Universal Playback. The program works fine with Mac, Windows, iPad, Linux, iPhone, as well as Android.


SimpleViewer's mission is to ensure that your images are always shown in the best light. Being designers and photographers, the makers of this product understand why it is important for web images to be displayed in the simplest yet most professional manner.


If you are an ecommerce merchant, chances are that you will want a way of displaying multiple photo views of all your products. This can easily be achieved with this software.


The product has been designed around the philosophy that users should not be made to think. Therefore, this product has been designed to be intuitive and is very user friendly. In addition, it makes use of clear and unobtrusive designs that help to ensure that the focus will always be on your images.


This product is totally customizable, which means that you will not have any difficulty in modifying the look as well as the feel of the product to ensure that it always matches the design of your website. In addition, the product has been designed to ensure that you never have to sweat about a thing.


SimpleViewer also stands out because it has an intuitive and clear interface.