ShootQ Photography Business Software: Key Features

ShootQ photography business software helps you manage your photography business more effectively by automating specific functions of your workflow. This gives you more time to do other important tasks, which translates into better and more efficient business operations. More profits are then soon realized as your business system is smoothed out with the help of ShootQ. Below are some of the key features of this business software.

Credit Card Payments

This option of ShootQ makes it very easy for potential clients to pay for the services that they require. It uses PayPal and is therefore very safe when it comes to credit card security. Customers can now settle all of their bills online, without the hassle of going to banks or being physically present to pay.

Sales Leads Management

Managing sales leads can be quite tedious and complicated, especially when you have a lot of prospects on the list. Contact information and current statuses could all get mixed up in your files, which could further set you back on your timelines. With ShootQ business software, you can manage your prospect information lists more effectively and easily.

Online Contracts

ShootQ tries to work in a paperless environment so online contracts are introduced. There's no need to wait for unclear faxed contracts or scanned documents that the client cannot comprehend. This photography business software makes it easier to close deals online.