Sharing Photos in iPhoto 4

Originally released in 2004, iphoto 4 was a significant upgrade in terms of features over previous iphoto releases. One of the most sought after upgrades in iphoto 4 was increased photo sharing functionality. There are a number of ways that you can share photos in iphoto 4, which will be explained below.

Rendezvous Sharing

One of the landmark sharing features that debuted in iphoto 4 was the ability to "rendezvous share," which was a feature that users had been asking for for some time. Rendezvous sharing allows users to share their photos over their local network without having to publish the photos on the Internet. This is an important upgrade from previous iphoto releases, especially for offices or home settings with multiple users on different computers.

One notable limitation of this rendezvous sharing, however, is that the photos that are shared will be "read only" on all computers on the network other than the original computer. This means that other users can only view the photos as-is, and cannot edit, add titles, or add them to a photo album. While this will be an unfortunate limitation for some, it remains an important upgrade in sharing capabilities over previous iphoto releases.

Sharing Shortcomings

One shortcoming of iphoto 4's photo sharing ability is the inability to share photos between different users on the same mac. While a workaround to this omission may be found in Apple's iphoto Library Manager, this is still a bit of a pain for families where more than one user uses the same mac with different user accounts.

Despite its shortcomings, iphoto 4 remains an upgrade over its predecessors, and is a quality piece of software for users who are looking for an easy way to share photos--particularly over a local home or office network.

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