Sharing Art Photos on Facebook: Pros and Cons

Almost everyone you know probably has a Facebook account. They're free and easy to use. One of Facebook's best features is the ability to upload and share photos with your friends and the world. Your Facebook photos can be anything, from your friends birthday dinner to artistic photos you shot and want others to see. Facebook is a great environment to show your work to the world, but there are pros and cons to the social networking site.


Facebook accounts are free and easy to set up. All you need is an e mail address and then you can upload as many photo albums you want with 200 photos in each album. The site is extremely user friendly and you can start uploading immediately after the account is live. 


You can select your privacy settings to allow anyone with an account the ability to see your photos. This gives you access to the entire Facebook network. That's over 350 million people world wide. Facebook is the defacto leader in social media networks and it continues to grow.

Free Advertising

It's not mass advertising, but Facebook has a unique feature called the newsfeed. When a user logs into his/her account the newsfeed is on the homepage. That directs most of their attention to what their friends are doing. So when you upload photos on facebook an announcement is made on the newsfeed to your friends. Not bad for free.

In addition to the newsfeed, your profile has a page known as 'The Wall'. All your friends can see your activity on your wall so if someone missed the news of your uploaded photos on the newsfeed, when they go to view your profile they can see on your wall that you recently uploaded photos. They can also get to see a couple of thumbnails too.


People who view your photos on Facebook have the option to 'like' or 'comment' on your stuff. This means you can get feedback for free from anyone who chooses to give it. Plus, people saying they like your stuff is always a nice boost to your confidence. Another nice thing about Facebook is that they don't have a dislike button, so if people don't have anything nice to say then they won't say anything at all.

No Money

Posting your photos on Facebook will not make you any money. Facebook is free and people will look at your work for free. You're looking for exposure instead of money. But it is possible for a friend to really like your photo and ask to buy a blown up print from you.


You might find yourself surfing the web and coming upon a familiar image, one of yours. Facebook does not offer any protection for your images, meaning they can find themselves on someone else's hard drive with the ease of a right click.

Negative Feedback

Although it's unlikely, someone could leave negative hurtful comments on your photos. But that is the risk you take when you make any of your work public. One good thing about Facebook is that if anyone does choose to say something negative and hurtful, you'll know who they are.

The Verdict

Facebook is great for exposure and getting your art photos seen, but you won't make any money.

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