ShareIt! Online Photo Sharing: An Overview

Sharing information on the Internet is now easier and more convenient with ShareIt! Online Photo Sharing. It is a plug-in embedded on websites to enable you to share interesting pictures to your own blog page or social networking site profile (Facebook, Myspace, etc.). It allows photo sharing from your site in just one click.

Sites Supported

This online photo sharing plug-in supports Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, Multiply, Orkut, Xanga, Freewebs, MyYearBook, Piczo, Netvibes, PageFlakes, iGoogle, Typepad, Wordpress, Blogger, Hi5, Tagged and Bebo. With the increasing use of Internet users, more and more sites are supported every after few weeks. Even after the photos are shared, back links are provided with the post to ensure that your site is credited for it.

Embedding Options

Embedding this plug-in to your site or profile is convenient as it can be customized. Change the height and the width of the box to ensure that it fits your page or profile. Since there are different personalities and web designs, the background color can also be changed to fit the style of the user. The corners can also be rounded or sharpened to adapt to the style of the webpage. The text link can also be changed to allow users’ creativity to be demonstrated in their graphic design instead of the defaulted “Share” button available in the initial set-up.

Reasons to Buy

Because of the wide range of customers and users that go online every single day, the chances of photos being shared into the web market is increased with easy sharing options. Copyright protection is remained even after the picture is shared on the web. Watermarks, imageLeech and other image protection services are still active, even after the content has been shared to different websites.

Increase your website traffic and make it easier for your visitors to share your web content with ShareIt! Online Photo Sharing.