Setting White Balance in Helicon Filter

Setting the White Balance is an important step in post processing as most cameras are not able to get the right color cast particularly in artificial lighting. Here are simple steps for setting white balance when using Helicon Filter.

Step 1 - Open the Image

Initialize Helicon Filter and from the top menu bar click on "File" and select "Open" to choose your image file from the list.

Step 2 - Setting White Balance

Click on the Colors tab and we will see three ways by which we can set the white balance.

Using Color Map

In the Color Map dragging on the black circle will bring about changes in your image. This is a quick manual way of setting the white balance, provided you have a good eye for optimizing the result.

Using White Balance button

The White Balance button has to be clicked. This icon has three squares of white, gray and black. Now, place the mouse pointer on an area in the photo which is either gray or white. If you are pointing to a white area make sure it is not overexposed or too bright. The software will then set the white balance automatically and you will see that the sliders for RGB have been adjusted.

Use Memory Colors

When you are unable to find a suitable white or gray area in your image you can use Memory Colors button to set the right color cast, especially for skin tones. Click on the button which has three colored squares. Point to the area of skin color you want to change and then select a natural looking skin tone from the dialog box. This will automatically change the skin hue.

Step 3 - Save

If you find that the result is what you were looking for, click on the Save tab to save your new white balance settings for your image.