Setting up Your Own Chroma Key Studio at Home

Having a chroma key studio in your own home will undoubtedly be beneficial to any of your digital projects. A Chroma Key will allow you to superimpose yourself into any scenes in your video by combining 2 clips into one.

Step 1 - Gather the Proper Materials

Before setting up your Chroma Key studio at home, you will need to prepare the necessary materials. By this time you should have already have an evenly painted board- either green or blue in color- with you. You may also need a few bolts and a screwdriver to fasten the painted board onto a wall. You should also have the camera and adequate lighting systems ready to be used for your Chroma Key studio.

Step 2 - Mount the Chroma Key Board

With the screwdriver and bolts, you can mount the board onto the wall in your Chroma Key studio. Make sure that the wall has no bumps or rough edges as this can adversely affect your video production. Also, re-paint the Chroma Key board if you see any surfaces with uneven paint coats as this can give your subject an appearance the will either be a heavy shadow or a light aura during video production.

Step 3 - Set up the Camera and the Lights

Set up the camera in such a way that you'll only see the primary color in your viewfinder. Next, you can set up the lighting around the Chroma Key studio. To achieve the best possible effects, 5 individual lighting systems are recommended.

Step 4 - Have the Subject Stand against the Backdrop

To test whether or not your camera and lighting set-up is correct, have your subject place themselves in front of the Chroma Key board and take a sample video. Make sure that your Chroma Key board is evenly lit to achieve the desired affects. If you see glares of light or other "hot spots," reposition your light sources to achieve an evenly lit surface. Also, re-positioning your Chroma Key board and light sources will eliminate any presence of harsh shadows in the video. Lastly, don't let the subject wear the same color as the Chroma Key board, as this will cause them to disappear into the background.

Step 5 - Start Filming the Subject and the Background Scene

After you're done with your tests, you can start the filming process. It's recommended that your subject rehearses before the filming to avoid any make-over. Afterwards, you can film your desired background image.

Step 6 - Combine the 2 Clips Together

You can now use your video production program to combine the two images together. Simply look for the Chroma Key tool and open your video clip. Select either the blue or green pre-sets according to your Chroma Key board's background. Click the desired color and your Chroma Key board will disappear and your subject will now appear in the background image.

 Congratulations, you've successfully made your own Chroma Key studio at home.