Serif PhotoPlus: How to Make a Panorama

Serif PhotoPlus is a leading photo editing tool that allows you to edit and manipulate photos, as well as to create formats like BITMAP, GIF, JPG and web based formats. The following article will quickly outline the steps that you need to implement in Serif PhotoPlus to create a panorama from source images.

Step 1: Import Source Images

You will launch Serif PhotoPlus and click the Add button. You will use the resulting file browser to browse to the location of the source files and select all of them using the shift key. Click Open and you will be able to see the source images in the sources pane.

You may now edit (rotate, reorder, resize and delete) the images as per your requirements. Once satisfied with the state of the source files, you will now click on the Stitch button. The software will automatically stitch the source images to create a panorama.

Step 2: Create the Panorama 

You will now crop the resulting panorama to match the edges and line up the images. To do this, you will click the Crop button and fit the cropping lines accordingly. Alternatively, you can choose a cropping preset from the drop-down list provided. Adjust the relevant parameters and settings to finish off the final look of the panorama. Once you are satisfied with the result, you will export the panorama to a suitable file format.

Serif PhotoPlus provides a lot of file formats to choose from. You will take your pick from JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG or TIFF, and then use the export dialog box to name the panorama and finish the export process. The panorama file is now ready to be put to its intended use.