SecuritySpy Surveillance Software: An Overview

SecuritySpy surveillance software is a video surveillance application that is compatible with Mac operating systems only. SecuritySpy supports multiple cameras and allows you to view and record the footage that is shot by those cameras. This guideline will go over a few of the best features of SecuritySpy so you can get a feel for what the program is capable of.

Camera Support

As previously mentioned, you are able to sync multiple cameras with SecuritySpy. You are able to view and record footage from all of those cameras from a single screen in SecuritySpy. SecuritySpy supports many different types of video cameras, such as network cameras, network video serves, and cameras that connect to computers via PCI cards, USB ports and FireWire.

Remote Access

Of course, you can access your cameras by using the computer that you installed SecuritySpy on. However, SecuritySpy also supports remote access, which allows you to view live and recorded footage from anywhere in the world. Simply log onto any standard web browser and you will be able to connect to the built-in web server that is associated with your copy of SecuritySpy.

Camera Control

Most video surveillance applications only allow you to view your camera in the position that it is currently in. That is not the case with SecuritySpy. SecuritySpy is an interactive video surveillance application, which allows you to pan, tilt and zoom the cameras that are synced with SecuritySpy directly from your computer. Simply select the camera that you would like to interact with in SecuritySpy and a PTZ window will open with controls that you can use to move the camera.