Scrapbooking with Photobie

Photobie is software that helps you create scrapbooks. It has unique features that allow you to let your imagination run wild while you make personal creations to share with your friends and family. Here are some steps to scrapbooking with this particular software.


Photobie user friendly software and supports most types of images. You can have a variety of embellishments and journaling too. The software also has photo editing tools, paint, screen shots, image animation, photoshop filtering, Photobie brush and a flash jukebox for selecting music for your scrapbook.

Background and Layers

Creating a background layer is a very simple process. All you need to do is create a layer and select from the many background themes available or create your own. It is important that you create different layers for each image so you can modify them when need be. You can now add images or embellishments to be used in the scrapbook. Once you have done this, it is time to use the different types of brushes available to create more adornments. For example, you can use the shape brush tool, with which you can choose a shape as an embellishment.

Adding Effects and Importing

Photobie supports most types of image files and this makes importing files easy. There are options like smudge that allow you to modify, make a color less prominent or simply give that smoky effect to images or text. It always a good idea to zoom into the original image when working. If the pictures are too big, then you can re-size them or crop them, depending on your design.

Text and Music

Adding text to the images can help you personalize the scrapbook and make it fun to read. You can use the text tools along with paint, brush and other tools to make the text look unique and fit your style.

After all this, you can choose your favorite music from the flash jukebox to complete your digital scrapbook in a melodious way.