ScrapBook Max: An Overview

ScrapBook Max is versatile scrapbooking software which has various tools, features and resources to enhance your creativity. The software has an intuitive interface, and you can learn about the many features as you are making your scrapbook. Here is a short overview of this software.

Templates and Design Elements

ScrapBook Max provides a wide variety of templates that can suit various themes. You can also customize a particular template, as the elements on the page can be freely moved around, resized or deleted. If you feel creative, you can also start from scratch with a blank page and add various backgrounds, embellishments and shapes. All elements can also be enhanced by applying effects like shadows, changing colors or altering other aspects.

Text Options

This software provides a lot of options for including text. Apart from the numerous fonts that are available, you can create various effects by stretching, bending or curving the text. You can also apply a three dimensional element to your text by introducing shadows, outlines and fills.

Simple Workflow

Most of the operations in ScrapBook Max only need a few mouse clicks, making your workflow simple and fast. You can start with a ready-made template and then start adding your photos and embellishments with a few clicks.

Printing and Sharing

Your scrapbook creations can be easily shared through websites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, or you can post it on your blog. You also have the option of directly printing your scrapbook, saving it on your hard disk or burning it on a CD.