Scrapbook Flair Scrapbook Software: Key Features

If you have many digital photos stored in your computer, Scrapbook Flair scrapbook software is a great way to utilize these images and turn them into something interesting and fun. All you need is an Internet connection and a PC, and then you can register on the site and upload your photos to start your scrapbook project. Here are the key features of Scrapbook Flair:

Marketplace for Members

One key feature of this scrapbook software is the marketplace for members. If you are a member of the Scrapbook Flair community, you can advertise and market various scrapbook resources to other scrapbook makers. This allows them to stay within the site and not look anywhere else, making the scrapbook-making process easier.

Parental Controls

Since a lot of minors (children below 18) are accessing the site, Scrapbook Flair makes it a point to allow parents or legal guardians to have access to their accounts so they can be monitored appropriately. This also promotes interaction between a parent and child, allowing them to enjoy scrapbooking together.


Scrapbook Flair has also allowed other third-party companies and businesses to sponsor various challenges for the members. The business sponsoring the challenge is free to make the rules of the challenge. Those who are selected as winners are given various prizes for making the best scrapbooks. This makes Scrapbook Flair scrapbook software a lot more fun and challenging compared to others in the market.