Scrapbook Flair Scrapbook Software: An Overview

Scrapbook Flair is scrapbook software that allows you to utilize the photos that you have stored in your computer. You can turn these photos into something interesting and more attractive by compiling them into a scrapbook. Choose from various templates and backgrounds for your photos and make your own theme which represents your interest and personality.


There are a lot of backgrounds that you can choose from to paste your images to. Search through various designs appropriate for your images in order to bring out their potential and maximize their design. The backgrounds also come in different sizes which can conform to the various sizes and dimensions of your photos.


Aside from backgrounds, you can also choose from a wide range of embellishments that you can attach to your photos. Select from numerous themes that will match your chosen background and photo designs. Add flair to your scrapbook with these embellishments and make it more interesting.

Design Templates

This scrapbook software also allows you to download various design templates for your scrapbook. You can choose from a lot of themes and find them easily by just typing in the particular theme you want. Themes can also be customized depending on your liking.


There are also features galleries that you can browse through in order to get an idea of how you can design your scrapbook. This scrapbook software helps you decide what kind of design you can employ to maximize the look of your images.