Scrapbook Factory: Using the Three Step Process

If you are looking for a special way to preserve those precious memories of your life and be able to share them for years to come, Scrapbook Factory is the one software that will give you all of the tools you need create projects which you enjoy for your whole life. With Scrapbook Factory, you can even create CD photo scrapbooks with music that can be played on most DVD players. You can create a treasured gift that includes music or even a baby’s first words.

Step 1: Choose a Category

When you open Scrapbook Factory, you will notice an easy to use drag and drop interface with simple, easy to understand instructions. The first thing you will see is a page that will show you all of your different project options. You can choose to create invitations, recipe cards, a diary or more. You can even start with a blank sheet of paper if you would like to.

Step 2: Select a Theme

When you have made your choice, choose the template by double clicking on it. This will bring up a larger view that you can edit and customize however you want to. This is where you will select the paper size and layout. You will have multiple options available for your use and many ways to personalize it and make it your own. You can personalize it and add your own photos by selecting the add items button on the left side.

You can also add text, borders, clip art and other graphics from the “add items” button. In here, you can also select your background. The background category has multiple options in each subcategory, giving you several options to choose from. From the options on the right hand side, you can complete your project by adding embellishments. If you would like a 3-D effect, you can also add that to your final project.

Step 3: Share Your Work

Now you are ready to share your work. You can save your completed project on your computer or burn it to a disc so that you can email it or hand out discs to family and friends. You can print the pages out and put them into a scrapbook or photo album to treasure always. However you choose to share your work, it is guaranteed to be unique!

With the use of the Scrapbook Factory software, you can make any event memorable. You can create DVD’s of wedding photos, birthday parties and more. Use it to make perfect gifts for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and more. It is a great way to make a Grandparent gift of the grandchildren growing up or use baby and childhood pictures to give to your high school graduate to commemorate his childhood.

You can easily create unique cookbooks with the Scrapbook Factory software to share with your family and friends. You might even gather all of the family’s favorite recipes and create a big cookbook with all of the favorites inside. The possibilities are simply endless and are limited only by your imagination. This software takes the idea of scrapbooking to a whole new level.