Scrapbook Factory: Uploading a Photoscrapbook to Youtube

If you have a digital photo scrapbook, like those you can make with Scrapbook Factory, it’s really easy to upload it to YouTube for all your friends to see. Note that because YouTube is a video channel, not a photo gallery, you will need to turn your images into video format so they can be viewed properly. Just follow each of the steps below, and soon admirers from all over the world will be envying your creativity.

Step 1: Select Windows Movie Maker

Open the “Programs” menu on your Windows computer and select “Windows Movie Maker,” which should always be installed by default.

Step 2: Transfer Photos to Movie Maker Collection Window

Go to the “File” menu and click “Import into Collections.” A directory search window will open. Find your Scrapbook folder, open it and highlight all the images you want to use from your Photo Scrapbook. Press “Open” and all the images should now appear in Movie Maker’s Collections window.

Step 3: Drag Images to Storyboard

To create your video, you need to drag and drop each of the images, in order, into the individual “Storyboard” windows below. If you can’t see the windows, click “Show Storyboard.” Make sure you place all the images in the sequence you want them to appear.

Step 4: Use Timeline

Now you can adjust the timing sequence of your video using the “Timeline” windows. Click on “Show Timeline” and a new image array will appear. Press the back-facing button, marked “Rewind Timeline,” to ensure the blue timeline bar is set at “00.00.” Now, place your cursor over the right-hand edge of the first image. Press and drag the cursor to the right and the image will stretch along the “Timeline.” Above, you’ll see the time gauge, marked initially in seconds.

Try first adjusting the image to stretch no further than 5 seconds. Make sure the timeline bar is still set at “00.00.” Press the “Play” button on the large video screen. The first image should play for no longer than 5 seconds, followed by a quicker sequence of the remaining frames. Adjust the play time of the first image if you wish. Then, adjust the playtime of the subsequent image frames to the same length as the first. When you’re finished, play the video through. Once you’re fully satisfied, save your video project using the “File” menu. Select video for Broadband.

Step 5: Upload Video

Now, it’s time to upload your video to YouTube. Load YouTube in your browser, sign in and click on “Upload.” Fill in the details you want for the Title and Description of your video. Click “Continue,” and then use the “Browse” button to select your video from your hard-drive. Click “Upload Video,” and you’ll see a status bar doing just that. Wait a few minutes for your video to be processed. Then, go to “My Videos” to see your video listed on your page. To make this video your visual profile icon, just click the “Make Profile Icon” button.

Enjoy watching your very own Photo Scrapbook video. Invite your friends to watch. See how many new friends you get who enjoy your video as well. Why not invite Scrapbook Factory to admire your video too?