Scrapbook Factory: Good for Any Occasion

Scrapbook Factory is a program that can be used to create digital scrapbooks. This is one of the highest rated scrapbooking programs. These scrapbooks can be burned to CDs and viewed on the TV. It is also possible to create photo calendars and other bonuses. Some of the features of this software include 6,500 templates that can be altered, 75,000 graphics, 6,000 embellishments for photos, a digital photo editor, easy to use interface, shadows and transparencies, text effects, 1,500 fonts, and the ability to upgrade their scrapbooks onto YouTube.


The user interface is very easy to use. This is perfect for both experience scrap bookers and those new to the craft. Everything functions on a drag and drop format with a logical workflow. There are thousands of templates that can be altered and completely customized. There are also greeting cards and many photo editing features. Some of the editing features include photo flaw repairing, resizing, light editing, cropping, red eye remover, color contrast and rotating the image.  

Input and Output

Images from a scanner, CD or digital camera can all be imported directly into the software. All photos can be previewed in a thumbnail. All scrapbooks can be exported in common formats. This makes it possible for the scrapbook to be shared between friends and family members. It is possible to export projects such as pdf files, web galleries, CDs and slide shows.


The software comes with tutorials that cover all sections of creation, formatting and editing. There are FAQs and email help available for any questions. The design company, Nova development, offers many updates on the program. For those that are new to using the software going through the tutorials as these show all the steps to do anything within the program.


A scrapbook is the perfect way to preserve memories. These scrapbooks can be shared and given as gifts and viewed almost everywhere. Each scrap book can be customized for the user’s desires and all embellishments are realistic. In only a few steps, a complete scrapbook can be created. This software has all the tools needed as it contains editing features as well. There is no need to take images and edit them in another software, then import them into scrapbook factory (and then use authorizing software to export the project). All of this is incorporated in the Scrapbook Factory program.


There are thousands of different preset themes for all different types of scrapbooks. Choose from web albums, calendars, books and albums. All of the themes have several different categories. Once the template is selected, the background, text, color and font can all be changed. Delete the times that are not needed and add any other objects and effects. This is an easy way to organize your photos.


The cost of digital scrapbooking is much less than doing it in real life, as you just need the software. It is no longer necessary to have different boxes of craft materials to create a lasting memory.

Special Occasions

You can make a scrapbook about special occassions like family reunion, weddings, etc. All you need to do is choose an album according to your theme. Then, start organizing the pictures accordingly. For example, in case of a wedding event, you can start with pictures of the venue and decoration, then come to the bride and groom. Then, start organizing the pictures of special family members and close friends. And, last not the least, organize pictures of the special activities which took on the day. You can add special texts to describe the activity.