Scrapbook Factory: Choosing the Right Font

Scrapbook Factory fonts come in all shapes and sizes. With so much choice available, especially with such software as Scrapbook Factory, how do you select an appropriate font to suit your scrapbook? Here are some ideas.

Step 1: Choose Type of Scrapbook

Consider carefully what type of scrapbook you want to create. What is its purpose? Who is it for? What is the subject matter? Consider the emotions you are trying to create with your scrapbook. Are they warm and cuddly? Are they sporty? Are they traditional? Are they modern and futuristic? Once you have considered the nature of your scrapbook project and the image you wish it to project, it will be easier for you to decide on the right match of font.

Step 2: Carefully Consider Each Font

  • Bold Font: If your scrapbook conveys a strong and purposeful message, then a bold font, a display font or a block font may be appropriate. These fonts are big and thick so your message will need to be concise and to the point.
  • Typewriter Font: If you want to convey urgency then an old-fashioned typewriter font will suit. The typewriter font suggests business efficiency. Alternatively, you could use this font in all capital letters to suggest the effect of a telegram.
  • Italic Font: If your scrapbook presents a personal message, an italic font is a good choice to make. Italic fonts are very curly and slant to the right. The style is a copy of handwriting in use in the 19th century. The italic font suggests an intimate or personal message and is often ideal for a scrapbook.

There are many fonts today, described as display fonts, which are designed to convey particular emotions. For example, a Dracula-style font, with dagger-like letters, conveys fear or a threat. Alternatively, fat, oblong-shaped letters typically convey jollity and goodwill.

With these ideas in mind, you should be able to approach your choice of font more purposefully. Scrapbook Factory provides a host of different fonts from which you can select. Always remember to match the style of font to the style of scrapbook you are creating, and you’re sure to produce a creatively rewarding piece of work.