ScrapBlog: FAQs

ScrapBlog provides you with a place on the Web where you can create your photo galleries, share them with other people online, or print your photo book at home. The website provides various features by which you can create layouts and themes for your photos.

How Does It Work?

You need to simply login and start creating your scrapbook by uploading your photos. The website is compatible with all types of computers, and you need a broadband connection. There is no charge for creating or sharing your creations. All applications are totally web-based so you do not need to download any software.

How Do I Make a Scrapbook?

The user interface is very simple and can be easily learned as you are doing your project. You can start with a given theme, and the elements within each theme can be moved around and also transferred between other themes. You can upload photos from your desktop or get them from popular photo websites. You can move, rotate and resize your photos with simple dragging and clicking operations. You can edit the edges, change the opacity and also add reflections. There are many features which will let you add different effects to your photos.

How Do I Share My Creations?

You can share whatever you have created directly from the builder area by providing the emails addresses to which you want your photos sent. You have the facility of importing all your contacts from email clients and from various websites. Scrapblog also enables you to directly share on a variety of social network sites and blogs.