ScrapBlog: An Overview

ScrapBlog is an easy and exciting software program that makes sharing and printing photographs a fun task. It is also software that makes it easy to create unique and beautiful layouts that can be shared online. All this can be done for free, and the good news is that the software works on any computer that is connected to the Internet. This software does, however, run best when using broadband.

Easy to Learn/Use

ScrapBlog is very easy to learn as well as use. It is easy to upload photos and then arrange them in different layouts. It is different from Flickr and Photobucket, as it allows you to add style and creativity to your photos. In doing so, it gives them the feel of a scrapbook.


You must first sign up or create an account. For this, you will need to pick a username as well as password and provide a valid email address. After registration is done, just sign in and then start using the ScrapBlog Builder. Get started with the creation of a new book.


The software is absolutely free to use, though there may be some costs for using certain backgrounds and stickers for which you will need to buy or earn credits.


Besides being easy to sign up for, this software is free to use and provides an Adobe interface that is very intuitive and which helps to compose pages and edit content. There are also numerous backgrounds and stickers to pick and choose from. A section called “Get Crafty!” will help you showcase new ideas and features with the help of short duration video clips.