Roxio Label Creator: Creating Personalized Disc Labels

Roxio Label Creator is one of the two featured tools for creating labels on a disc with Roxio Creator 2010. It allows you to create your own personalized disc labels with ease. In creating your own personalized disc labels, there are few simple steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Opening Your Label Creator

Open your Roxio Label Creator and choose the video-movies category from the home window. Click on 'create labels' to start the label creator.

Step 2: Choosing Your Layouts

Select the type of label, cover and inserts you wish to use, and the select disc front and back if you’re using an ordinary CD case. There are two other options that you can choose from in choosing your CD layouts, and all you have to do is to select which CD case you are using and click OK.

Step 3: Selecting the Style

Click on the select style on the edit menu of your Roxio Label Creator, choose which style you want to choose, and click OK.

Step 4: Editing the Text Content

In editing the text content, you can choose from different fonts by clicking the font icon of your Roxio Label Creator and click on which type, size and how you want to line up your text on your CD. Click OK if you are satisfied with the font type, size and location of your text line up.

Step 5: Adding Images on Your CD

You can add your own personalized photos or any images you wish to place on your CD label by clicking on the add image icon to browse on the different photos and images on your computer. Then, drag and place it where you wish and click OK.

Step 6: Saving Your Project

Once you are finished creating your personalized disc label, you can click on the save project from the file menu of your Roxio Label Creator, type the name of your project, and save it on your computer.