Restoring Old Photos in PhotoImpact Pro

If you have any old photos, then these can be restored and touched up using many pieces of software including PhotoImpact Pro. Photos are very special because they help you to remember your special moments for all eternity. This is why it's so useful that you are able to touch up your photographs using computer software and give them a new lease of life.

PhotoImpact is very powerful and features a number of filters and tools which can be used to improve and touch up your photographs. PhotoImpact can be used to remove scratches, dust and any damage to the photos.

Step 1: Set up Photo Impact Pro

The first step is to open Photo Impact Pro on your computer, and then load your image. This might take a few minutes to complete depending on the size of the image and the speed of your computer. When the image has loaded, then take a look at it and decide exactly what needs to be changed about it. You should be able to identify exactly what you need to change to make the most of your old photographs.

Step 2: Open Another View

So that you can see exactly what you are editing, it's a good idea to open a new view of the same photograph in Photo Impact Pro. To do this, click on View from the main window and then click on Add view. Now you can tile these images next to one another. With both of the images open, set one to view at actual size and set the other to be zoomed in so that you can see the particular areas of the photo you want to correct.

It might be necessary to zoom out, and then again a few times, so that you can correct all of the marks and blemishes on your photographs.

Step 3: Move the Image

If you are using Photo Impact Pro 6 or newer, then you can move the image by clicking on the view bar and dragging. If not, then you will need to use the scroll bars which appear at the bottom and right hand side of the image.

Step 4: Remove Scratches

If there are any scratches on your old photograph, then you will need to remove these. The easiest way of doing this is to use the clone stamp tool. This tool copies the pixels from one area of the picture and then places them exactly where you are painting. Use the clone stamp to remove any obvious scratches on like colored areas.

Step 5: Color Balance

Another common problem with old photographs is that the colors appear washed out and don't look as fresh as they once did. Photo Impact Pro has the answer for this because it features color balance and correction tools. To do this, click on Photo, Color and then click White balance.

A new dialog box will appear which can be used to adjust the color balance. Another option is to click the auto button, which will automatically touch up your photos.