Repairing Photos in Photo Plus

Repairing photos, especially the old ones that need to be scanned, can be quite a pain and a hassle. The PhotoPlus allows you to accomplish this complicated task without any professional aid and saves you a ton of money on random small tasks that previously would require professional assistance.

Step 1: Fixing Blemishes and Shadows

You will use the clone tool on the Photo Plus software. You will select an unblemished area using the clone tool and use it to paint over the blemished areas of the image. You will use the brush tool to select a smaller and softer brush option, or use the context box to set it up. You will then uncheck the aligned mode of brushing, as this will allow you to paint repeatedly over the blemished area using your brush. Keep in mind that this method will easily fix areas with little or no detail in them. This is not suitable for areas with high detail.

Step 2: Fixing the Image with High Detail

You will use the aligned mode to fix areas with a higher degree of details. This will allow you to paint over the detailed parts using singular brush strokes with finer control. Use the clone tool and brush to select color pick-up point, and then use a much smaller and finer brush to fix up the required areas.

To repair broken parts and structures of the subject, you will select a similar looking intact part and copy it to a new layer. Now scale and align it according to the requirements, and then use the clone and brush tools to add finishing touches.